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The Sound of Many Sleeping Bees

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The Sound of Many Sleeping Bees

HV Tech Meetup

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A photo of me. I'm caucasian and have very short blond hair that shwooshes up like a tidal wave. I have a nice smile and almost circular glasses. I'm wearing a black v-neck sweater and am sitting next to a very large plant that I think of as my friend. In the background you can see some books on a shelf and my guitar.

Hailing from upstate New York and descended from vikings, I'm a versatile graphic designer with the best job in the world. I'm always searching for new knowledge and experiences that push my boundaries. With engineering as a base to my graphic design BFA, I use both mindsets to try and solve every problem I can get my hands on, whether anybody asked me to or not.

I spend the rest of my time playing tenor guitar, reading scifi and obscure non-fiction, & tasting plants found in questionable locations. I have a perfect dog, a lot of house plants, and a passion for pigeons.

I also create a lot of art (by which I mean, it just spills out of me uncontrollably and I sop up the mess with whatever medium works). I explore sound by writing music and producting a (surprisingly popular) podcast about rocks. I'm very slowly writing a book. Lately I've been doing a lot of linoleum block printing that I sporatically post on my instagram. And I am always, always, building new furninture and systems to make my home and life more beauitful.