Midi Jardin is a french breakfast & lunch restaurant that focuses on simple, fresh foods and meals inspired by the foods traditionally eaten by the rural lower class. It celebrates the natural deliciousness of high quality fresh ingredients, offering local fruit and vegetables, fresh breads baked in-house, and cheeses and meats from local organic sources. While inspired by simple peasant foods, the menu also includes find food preparation practices utilizing fine seasonings and spices to create healthy, organic, down to earth creations meshed with the refined flavor palettes of some of the highest quality cooking.


Abbot Kinney/Venice, Los Angeles. The area has some other really cool restaurants and stores like Lemonade, and it’s a fairly gentrified area with a young population.

Price Range

$$ – Entrees ranging between 8-14 USD


Targeted toward millennials, those interested in the organic food movement, people interested in well-being, community, and health.


The owner is an American culinary student from southern California. After graduating school, she spent 1.5 years in the South of France and studied the many uses of the incredibly fresh and delicous ingredients that come from the area. She fell in love with the quality of the ingredients and decided to move back to her home state and open a restaurant that highlights the quality and flavor of the natural ingredients of France.



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